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Privacy in the Age of Facebook: Discourse, Architecture, Consequences

[Edit 23 May 2014] As of May 2014, my PhD was the 6th most downloaded thesis of all time from Curtin Library’s eSpace. In July, my PhD thesis passed examination. Today, after making the required (thankfully minor) revisions, I submitted the final version to my university! Download [pdf] or access via Curtin Library repository (eSpace) Raynes-Goldie, K. […]

Annotated Bibliography: social network sites, privacy and surveillance

I was invited to write the annotated bibliography on social network sites, privacy and surveillance for the upcoming Cybersurveillance and Everyday Life workshop at the University of Toronto, and they’ve kindly allowed me to share it here. I’ve also included, below, some other resources I’ve found useful for general social network research. [download full annotated […]

Facebook vs Facebook: The Movie

I just came back from seeing The Social Network on opening night, in a packed theatre complete with a Tweetup filling the first two rows. I was impressed (especially after reading the rather disappointing ‘The Accidental Billionaires,’ the book the film was based on). But you can go read another much more excellent blog post about […]

Teenage cat abuser + Wikipedia’s governance structure = FAIL

There’s been a lot of discussion recently on one of the mailing lists I subscribe (the one run by the Institute for Distributed Creativity for anyone keeping track) to about the corruption in Wikipedia’s governance structure, sparked by a recent art project called Wikipedia Art. The “art” (if that’s what it really is… but that […]