Facebook on Peep Show

Ah, Facebook gets a mention in my new favourite, Peep Show, when Mark makes a deal with an Australian to have her pretend she’s his girlfriend in exchange for letting her stay with him:

Mark: So, I could tell people you were my girlfriend?

Saz: Well, we might… take things slow, to start with, yeah?

Mark: Sure, but we could still have fun, and y’know, watch Morse, and people could see us out together, like at my birthday party on Friday. And I could put a photo of us on Facebook?

Saz: …Sure… All that stuff.

[Episode 3, Season 5]

So there you go, if you weren’t already convinced that Facebook is now just a normal part of everyday life in places like London and Toronto (and that the performativity and rituals of of dating now include Facebook photos).

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