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Join Kate and James for some Real Talk during Fringe

The fabulous ABC presenter, James McHale and his equally fabulous hair (which rivals that of Senator Scott Ludlam, whose hair has not one but two Twitter accounts) are hosting a live talk show running Friday and Saturday nights during  Perth’s Fringe World Festival this year, appropriately titled Real Talk with James McHale. The lineup includes the […]

Perth Knowledge Week 2016 Wrap


Last week I had the pleasure of sponsoring (via my game consultancy, Games We Play) Perth’s first ever Knowledge Week, presented by Knowledge Society and the beautiful new City of Perth Library. I also had the honour of participating on a panel and running a brand new Games We Play workshop. Here’s what happened: Imagining Perth in 2030 a panel […]

A big win for diversity & Western Australia’s games industry

Friday was 25th annual WAITTA Incite awards — WA’s iAwards and one of our industry’s biggest nights celebrating tech and innovation in Western Australia.  It was a big night not only for WA games, but also for diversity in the industry. Globally, the games industry is worth $100 billion. WA produces nearly 10% of all Australian games, with local […]

Internet Homepage 2005

KATE RAYNES-GOLDIE® (kataprol) for Transcranial Administration DESCRIPTION: Kate Raynes-Goldie® (kataprol) is a humanized writer and activist produced by recombinant DNA technology. Kate Raynes-Goldie® is a composite of human (95%) and robot (5%) antibody sequences. INDICATIONS AND USAGE: Kate Raynes-Goldie® is indicated for the prevention of technological unawareness and the analysis of social and cultural constructions. […]

The ad that changed my life

x-files delphi ad wired

This is ad for Delphi Internet’s X-Files Online changed my life. When I was 13, I was completely enthralled with the X-Files. Since this was still pre-internet time for most of us, the only way to get information about the show was through magazines. So, on the way home from school, I’d stop at the […]