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Cosmonaut Valentina Tereshkova (the first woman in space!)

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An email list of curated tips and tricks for ladies (and gentlemen allies) working to save the world as social entrepreneurs, activists, yoginis and natural health practitioners, ethical business people or even by simply working in a field that still has a crappy gender balance.

Every few weeks (depending on how busy I am), I share the the best stuff I’ve found from around the web, gathered from my own quest to become an even better social entrepreneur and change focused game designer.

Some of the stuff I share includes:

  • networking that actually works
  • effective and authentic community building
  • effecting change
  • ethical marketing & sales
  • strategies for navigating tricky gendered/sexist business situations

Bonus for people living in Perth/Fremantle, Western Australia — I also sometimes share useful local events, such as WITWA breakfasts.

Yes, yes there is.


I offer and dedicate this list as a thank you to all the women who are working to make the world better, like the incredible Katie Stubley, Rachel WestChristiane Steinward, Simone van Hattem and Shani Graham who spend countless hours being the change (and I am very honoured to know)!