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Perth Knowledge Week 2016 Wrap


Last week I had the pleasure of sponsoring (via my game consultancy, Games We Play) Perth’s first ever Knowledge Week, presented by Knowledge Society and the beautiful new City of Perth Library. I also had the honour of participating on a panel and running a brand new Games We Play workshop. Here’s what happened: Imagining Perth in 2030 a panel […]

A big win for diversity & Western Australia’s games industry

Friday was 25th annual WAITTA Incite awards — WA’s iAwards and one of our industry’s biggest nights celebrating tech and innovation in Western Australia.  It was a big night not only for WA games, but also for diversity in the industry. Globally, the games industry is worth $100 billion. WA produces nearly 10% of all Australian games, with local […]

Games to get you (back) into gaming

While there’s always been games that do something old in a new and interesting way, or are totally unlike anything that came before (such as the original SimCity, Katamari Damacy and even Super Mario Bros. 3… which is apparently considered one of the best video games of all time. Who knew?), the sheer volume and […]

Invisible Buttons and Escape Rooms

Yesterday, from the comfort of my outdoor eco-lounge (it’s a Fremantle thing) I had a fascinating Google+ chat with fellow pervasive/physical game designers Dr. Christy Dena and Holly Gramazio about “Games with Invisible Buttons” — what we do, what we’re thinking about and some of the challenges we’ve faced working in this still somewhat unconventional space. The whole thing […]