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Games to get you (back) into gaming

While there’s always been games that do something old in a new and interesting way, or are totally unlike anything that came before (such as the original SimCity, Katamari Damacy and even Super Mario Bros. 3… which is apparently considered one of the best video games of all time. Who knew?), the sheer volume and […]

Invisible Buttons and Escape Rooms

Yesterday, from the comfort of my outdoor eco-lounge (it’s a Fremantle thing) I had a fascinating Google+ chat with fellow pervasive/physical game designers Dr. Christy Dena and Holly Gramazio about “Games with Invisible Buttons” — what we do, what we’re thinking about and some of the challenges we’ve faced working in this still somewhat unconventional space. The whole thing […]

A Lady’s Guide to Kicking Ass

Attention ladies and gentlemen allies! I’ll be speaking at the Australian Computer Society/Microsoft next week in Perth, so if you’re around I hope you can join me! A Lady’s Guide to Kicking Ass with Dr. Kate Raynes-Goldie Drawing on her global adventures as a game designer, technologist, and social entrepreneur, Kate will share her favourite […]

How to easily import your Eventbrite attendee list into Mailchimp (and delete any duplicates)

I run a monthly playtest event called Playup Perth. I use Eventbrite to manage ticketing and Mailchimp to manage the mailing list. At the end of each event, I want to make sure I get any new attendees added to the Mailchimp mailing list, while making sure not to duplicate the regulars. Sounds like this would […]

If my thesis were posted to Facebook, it’d have a lot of Likes

EDIT: As of today, my thesis is now the 4th most downloaded of all time ( — click the “thesis” tab then sort by “all time”) (Sorry, couldn’t resist the cheesy title).. I received a rather exciting email about my thesis today: Dear Dr Kate Raynes-Goldie I am writing to let you know that your […]

Privacy in the Age of Facebook: Discourse, Architecture, Consequences

[Edit October 4, 2015] For the full details on my thesis, please visit its permanent page here. In July, my PhD thesis passed examination. Today, after making the required (thankfully minor) revisions, I submitted the final version to my university! Download [pdf] or access via Curtin Library repository (eSpace) Raynes-Goldie, K. (2012). Privacy in the Age […]