my identity leaked in halifax!

so, funny story. i had my first first-hand experience of that online identity management problem at the roundtable i spoke at on thursday. you know, that problem when you’re a 3rd grade teacher and you post some pictures of you drunk at a party on your friendster account and your little students find it and tell the principal and you get fired? yeah.

what happened to me was that they introduced me to the audience with my very informal and tongue-in-cheek personal member profile on takingitglobal. the one where i say i used to be an internet basement nerd and that i had to give up rock climbing cuz i got a nerd disease (rsi). the one i had never intended to be used in any professional setting. it was quite a… surprise to have it read out of context to a lecture hall full of people.

so you got (from right to left):

don newman, serious and well respected journalist and senior editor at CBC
jim meek, serious professional journalist with his own column
kate raynes-goldie, basement nerd with rsi and funny hair

but, aside from this i did get to meet some awesome people at king’s and my comments got on the front page of the king’s student paper, who reported the story from the perspective that the traditional media still aren’t ready to give anything up to bloggers. very cool. and of course, a thank you all for your insightful comments on my last post!

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