why don’t you trust the media (or do you?)

dear friends:

i’m going to be speaking at a roundtable on trust in the media this week and i need your input!

the thesis of the roundtable is basically that people don’t trust the mainstream media anymore, so they are turning to bloggers and citizen journalists, and that this is a bad, bad thing.

the panel is made up of me and two journalists, and is taking place at a school of journalism. so i’m basically representing the voice of youth/internet generation/bloggers and feel that this is a good chance to explain internet/blogging culture to old school journalists (and possibly bridge some gaps/create some understanding).

so, in the true spirit of community blogging, i’d like to get your input on this so i can discuss it at the roundtable.

– where do you get your news?
– do you trust the media? why/why not?
– do you trust bloggers more than the media? why/why not?
– is it a bad thing that people are turning to bloggers and citizen journalists?
– can bloggers and journalists co-exist (and possibly keep each other in check?)
– are blogging and community created media the answer to our sucky media landscape?
– are bloggers just as bad as journalists (or journalists just as bad as bloggers)?

please pass the link to this discussion to as many people as you can!

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