writing & research

PhD Thesis
[pdf] Privacy in the Age of Facebook: Discourse, Architecture, Consequences
Kate Raynes-Goldie. PhD. Curtin University, Perth, Australia. 2012.

Tech & Culture Writing
[html] Gamers show business value
Business News. October 20, 2016

[html] What’s Wrong with Video Games?
Kate Raynes-Goldie
Kotaku. November 25, 2015

[html] What the Australian Government Needs to Learn From the New Zealand Games Industry
Kate Raynes-Goldie
Kotaku. July 20, 2015

[html] Review: Device 6 is no Tired Blockbuster Videogame
Kate Raynes-Goldie
The Conversation. November 20, 2013

[mp3] ROLFCon (audio documentary)
Kate Raynes-Goldie
Spark, CBC Radio. May 21, 2008

[html] Apathy and Irony
Kate Raynes-Goldie
The Globe & Mail. August 9, 2004

[html] Blog the Vote
Kate Raynes-Goldie
Now Magazine. June 10, 2004

[html] Race Baiting
Kate Raynes-Goldie
Now Magazine. March 18, 2004

[html] What’s Adbusters Doing Making Runners in China?
Kate Raynes-Goldie
Now Magazine. February 19, 2004

[html] How to F*ck the System
Kate Raynes-Goldie
The Varsity. November 21, 2002

[html] Why Mickey Mouse Wears Pants
Kate Raynes-Goldie
The Varsity. November 7, 2002

[html] Going Online to get Off
Kate Raynes-Goldie
The Varsity. October 7, 2002

Industry Research & Commissioned Reports
[pdf] LEVEL ONE: Accelerating WA’s Games Industry
Kate Raynes-Goldie
FTI, Perth, Australia. August 2016.

[pdf] Western Australian Games Industry Scoping Survey
Kate Raynes-Goldie and Michael Ellis
FTI, Perth, Australia. September 2014.

[html] Online youth privacy in a North American context: history and themes
Kate Raynes-Goldie
Report to the Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada. 2011

[pdf] Annotated bibliography: Digitally mediated surveillance, privacy and social network sites.
Kate Raynes-Goldie
Cybersurveillance and Everyday Life: An International Workshop. University of Toronto, Canada. 2011.

Academic Papers & Book Chapters
[html] Gaming Privacy: a Canadian case study of a co-created privacy literacy game for children.
Kate Raynes-Goldie, and Matthew Allen. Surveillance & Society. Vol 12 no 3. 2014.

[html] Unfriending Facebook? Challenges From an Educator’s Perspective.
Kate Raynes-Goldie and Clare Lloyd. In M. Kent & M. Leaver (Eds.), An Education in Facebook. Routledge. 2014.

[html] The stranger danger: exploring surveillance, autonomy and privacy in children’s use of social media.
Jason Nolan, Kate Raynes-Goldie and Melanie McBride. Canadian Children: Journal of the Canadian Association for Young Children. (36)2. 2011.

[html] Aliases, creeping, and wall cleaning: Understanding privacy in the age of Facebook
Kate Raynes-Goldie. First Monday, 15(1). 2010.

[pdf] Wiki Collaboration Within Political Parties: Benefits and Challenges
Kate Raynes-Goldie and David Fono. In T. Davies & S. P. Gangadharan (Eds.), Online Deliberation: Design, Research, Practice. CSLI. 2009.

[pdf] Our Space: Online Civic Engagement Tools for Youth
Kate Raynes-Goldie and Luke Walker. In L. Bennett (Ed.), Civic Engagement: The MacArthur Series on Digital Media and Learning. MIT Press. 2008.

[pdf] The Wikinomics Playbook
Kartik Ariyur, Franciel Azpurua-Linares, Joost Bekel, Martin Cleaver, Jeff DeChambeau, Gabriel Draven, Todd Dunn, Peter Haine, Bob Iliff, Critt Jarvis, Michael Laine, Neal Locke, Brendan Long, Ron Long, Bert Murray, Michael Pilling, Kate Raynes-Goldie, Ryan Riley, Al Safrata, Steven Streight, Mark Temple-Raston, Alex Todd, Max Ugaz.

[pdf] Hyperfriends and Beyond: Friendship and Social Norms on LiveJournal
David Fono and Kate Raynes-Goldie in M. Consalvo & C. Haythornthwaite (Eds.), Internet Research Annual Volume 4: Selected Papers from the Association of Internet Researchers Conference. Peter Lang. 2007.

[html] Pulling Sense out of Today’s Informational Chaos: LiveJournal as a Site of Knowledge Creation and Sharing
Kate Raynes-Goldie. First Monday, 9(12). 2004.