I’m regularly interviewed about my projects or asked for expert comment on current events and trends in the games and technology industry, in particular the Australian games industry, women in technology, internet culture, digital surveillance and privacy. I was one of Curtin University’s most used media commentators when I was teaching there. The following is a list of pieces that are about my work or which quote me.

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[html] Barbie: Mattel’s release of new game developer doll could ‘see more girls enter world of gaming’
Megan Mackander, ABC Online. June 16, 2016

[htmlMCV Pacific Women In Games: Dr. Kate Raynes-Goldie
Joel Van Daal, MCV Pacific. May 18, 2016

[html] Level One Makes a Move
Marcus Holmes, Startup News. March 4, 2016

[html] Chick Quest: Kate Raynes-Goldie (interview)
Rebecca Douglas, South Australian Writers Centre. 2016

[html] LEVEL ONE is WA’s Answer to the Arcade
Joel Van Daal, MCV Pacific. February 29, 2016

Perth’s first co-working space for game makers
The Mag, RTR FM. February 11, 2016

[html] Game on for WA developers
Nick Sas, The West Australian, November 30 2015

[html] Aussie business owners give Wellington tech seal of approval
James Henderson, Computerworld. August 6, 2015

[html] Australian startups praise Wellington’s government for supporting startups
Gina Baldassarre, Startup Daily. August 5, 2015

[html] Australian start-ups scout Wellington
David Swan, Business Spectator. August 4, 2015

[html] Games Inquiry
Stephen Pollack, The Perth Voice. July 30, 2015

[html] [mp3] Kate Raynes-Goldie on our Orwellian times and the gaming industry in Australia
Karun Cowper, RTR FM’s Indymedia. July 28, 2015

[mp3Episode 92: Pervasive Playup With Dr. Kate Raynes-Goldie
Aaron Lim, The Action Point Podcast. June 23, 2015

[html] ‘Commune’ for Gamers at Library
Stephen Pollack, The Perth Voice. June 5, 2015

[htmlMCV Pacific Women In Games: Dr. Kate Raynes-Goldie
Joel Van Daal, MCV Pacific. May 6, 2015

[html] FTI is Off Too
Freemantle Herald. February 14, 2014

[htmlFilm Institute To Support Games
Shanna Crispin, Business News. February 17, 2014

[mp3Facebook Games: Fun At The Price Of Privacy?
ABC Western Queensland. August 21, 2014

[mp3Gamergate: Sexism In The Digital World
ABC Western Queensland. September 25, 2014

[html] Event Report: “A Lady’s Guide to Kicking Ass”
Bernadette Russell, Gamecloud. September 17, 2014

[htmlWA Game Developers Offered New Grants To Support Local Industry, FTI Urges More Government Funding
Pamela Medlen, ABC Online. October 15, 2014

[html] MEMORI: Escape Room – Interview with Dr. Kate Raynes-Goldie
William Kirk, Gamecloud. December 2, 2014

Have You Been Burned By Group Coupons?
CBC’s Ontario Today. February 1, 2013

[htmlOutside The Boy Box: Women Are Embracing – And Rethinking – Video Games
Kate Taylor, The Globe and Mail.  February 4, 2013

There’s Someone I Want You To Meet: Kate Raynes-Goldie
Russell Woolf, ABC Perth’s Drive. March 27, 2013

[htmlPerth Academic Kate Raynes-Goldie Says Facebook Aims To End Privacy
The Australian. April 21, 2013

DIY Games You Play In The Car
ABC Perth’s Drive. May 2, 2013

[htmlThe Zuckerberg Files’ Catalogues Facebook Founder’s Public Life
Jordan Minor, PC Magazine. October 29, 2013

[htmlTinder, mullet, clowns, inmates: A website for every dating niche
The Sydney Morning Herald. November 26, 2013

[pdfBe A Player
Crystal Luxmore, Elle Canada. August 2012

[html] Why You Might Be Wary Of Internet Coupons
Ellen Roseman, The Star. April 25, 2011

Coupon Deal Websites
Anna-Maria Tremonti, CBC Radio One’s The Current. June 6, 2011

[htmlCanadian Youth Increasingly Aware Of Online Privacy
Jon Hembrey, August 30, 2011

Facebook Hacked
Global News. November 16, 2011

[pdfWelcome to gentification, the game
Ryan Bigge, Toronto Star. July 11, 2010

[pdf] Gentrification: The Game! Comes to Toronto Next Week
Jane Doh, ARGN. July 16, 2010

[pdf] Gentrification: The Game! To hit Kensington Market
Robyn Urback, blogTO. July 23, 2010

[pdf] [mp3] Summer Shorts 015: Gentrification: The Game!
Andrew Walsh, Spacing Radio. July 29, 2010

[video] Facebook – What Does it all Mean
MTV News (Canada), September 30, 2010

[html] What Happens To Your Facebook Data Now?
NPR’s Market Place. October 20, 2010

Impact: The 2010 Stories (Facebook)
MTV News (Canada), December 27, 2010

[pdf] Video Games That Make You Run, Talk Face-to-Face, and Explore the Environment
Playborhood. June 14, 2009

[pdfVeux-tu être mon ami?
Nicolas Ritoux, La Presse. February 8, 2008

[pdfMaking friends with Facebook: Rwandans turn to the internet to get connected
Stefanie Carmichael, Sunday Times. February 17, 2008

[pdfInternet Abandonar Facebook, una misión imposible
David Alandete, El Pais. February 18, 2008

[pdf] Gamers hunt for support
The West Australian. December 3, 2007

[pdf] Computer game developers make WA their base
PerthNow. December 4, 2007

[pdf] Innovative mobile phone game gets gamers out into the real world
Tony Malkovic, ScienceNetwork WA. December 10, 2007

[pdfA Virtual Life. Enter here.
Liz Wane, Cite. Summer 2007/08

[pdfInvasion de chats mal embouchés sur le web
Nicolas Ritoux, La Presse. September 25, 2007

[jpgRoving gay party hits hetero bars
Misty Harris, Vancouver Sun. May 27, 2005