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Facebook is normal

I’ve been back in Toronto since late December working on my social web ethnography, which – surprise surprise – has quickly evolved into just being about Facebook because people in Toronto are completely nuts for Facebook.When I left Canada for Australia, Facebook was huge in Toronto (we had the largest network in the world, but […]

thought web 2.0 was a nebulous term?

my friend adam passed along this insane job description for “social media officer” at the university of toronto. Experience: Minimum five years experience working in the field of new media from a content perspective, including web design/architecture, preferably in a large organization. A high degree of knowledge of and experience with ‚ÄúWeb 2.0‚Äù tools (Wikis, […]

is social technology really social?

rhiannon sawyer, a fellow graduate student in sydney, is writing her thesis on friending on myspace. she tells me she has just started conducting interviews with myspace users, and is finding “that everyone has their own definition of friendship on MySpace and that often they don’t actually call it that… Businesses and individuals seem to […]