secretsoflife sent me this. its a new campaign to try and convince kids not to share their personal info online. they’ll even send you a ring to help you remember. a real ring. not a ringtone, like i originally thought… like one that plays some cheesy message every time your phone rings telling you it […]

what is civic engagement OR how do we make things better

globalkids and gamelab recently released a pretty impressive flash game called ayiti: the cost of life where you a play a family in haiti trying to get ahead. it’s compelling and educational (and addictive). in playing, you directly experience the obstacles that keep people in the poverty cycle. the first time i played, my whole […]

pennies for police dogs

i’m doing a survey of online youth civic engagement initiatives and i came across this: Pennies to Protect Police Dogs Eleven year-old Stacey Hillman started Pennies to Protect Police Dogs in March of 2000 after reading an article about police dogs and their dangerous jobs. The article told the story of a police dog that […]

web2.0 and development

i’m moderating a panel on monday about web2.0 and development issues at a conference run by netsquared. happily, the conference is suitably web2.0 compliant and buzzworld enabled which means, of course, you can all participate online! i’ll be asking questions that are submitted to the conference site so if you have any interest in ict4d, […]