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howto: hide on facebook

there is a little known feature on facebook that allows you to be invisible to everyone but those you’ve added as a friend. this means that no one can find you in searches as well as network browsing (people looking through other people’s friends lists), wall comments, anything. you are entirely invisible to anyone who […]

the political economy of facebook (or, why we hate facebook but keep using it)

i found an amazing article today on the political economy of facebook, myspace and the other usual suspects written by ryan bigge (former adbusters staffer before kalle lasn went apeshit and turned the mag into an antisemitic brand of shoes). basically, bigge argues that use of social networking sites can actually be seen as unpaid […]


secretsoflife sent me this. its a new campaign to try and convince kids not to share their personal info online. they’ll even send you a ring to help you remember. a real ring. not a ringtone, like i originally thought… like one that plays some cheesy message every time your phone rings telling you it […]