Preparing the leaders and changemakers of tomorrow

What do the educators of today need to know to prepare the leaders and changemakers of tomorrow?

Ahead of me running the first ever Future Ready Teens next week in partnership with St. Clement’s School in Toronto, I had the pleasure of speaking to a group of education professionals at the school about this very topic.

The key takeaways for them in answering this question, based on their feedback and discussion around my talk, was:

  • The importance of teaching failure as a learning process and creating safe spaces in order to ‘fail forward’)
  • Using young peoples’ experience with games as a transferable skill to teach ‘failing forward’ and confidently dealing with uncertainty (two things most gamers will be very familiar with through gameplay, but may not realise they they are skilled in)
  • The need for teachers who feel they are ‘not technical’ to have a friendly entry point/curated experience into the latest tech trends/games.
  • Skills of the future as ‘soft’ skills combined with live long learning.

More on the Future Ready Teens (for grades 10, 11 and 12) program I’m running with the school next week:

Preparing the leaders and changemakers of tomorrow

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