All the Things in Sydney

Thanks Sydney for my sold out (+waitlisted!) talk last night – “the Future of All the Things” as part of ACS‘s EdXN series. Next stop, Canberra (tonight!)

Feeling very lucky to also have met some great folks doing impactful wor k while in Sydney:  

Victor Nascimento who is developing ‘a Township Tale,’ a VR open world survival game that is pushing the boundaries of interactions in VR, rather than just porting existing 2d game mechanics (you wanna cut down a tree? you have to *actually* have to move like you’re cutting down a tree). 

Ruth Lyons who is managing the community for Women In Focus a network of nearly 100,000 (!!) business women across Australia who also gave me a very lovely notebook (thanks Ruth!). 

Hal Greenham who is currently going through an incubator in Sydney for his mind-body healing startup which is getting some real results for people with chronic pain. 

Carey Furze, another founder whose startup, Bookform makes it easy for families (especially children with their grandparents) to record their stories using a speech to text to book (I wish I had had this with my grandma). If you’re in Canberra, there may be some tickets left for my talk tonight:

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