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for Transcranial Administration

DESCRIPTION: Kate Raynes-Goldie® (kataprol) is a humanized writer and activist produced by recombinant DNA technology. Kate Raynes-Goldie® is a composite of human (95%) and robot (5%) antibody sequences.

INDICATIONS AND USAGE: Kate Raynes-Goldie® is indicated for the prevention of technological unawareness and the analysis of social and cultural constructions. In some cases, Kate Raynes-Goldie® can also be used to treat apathy and social injustice in combination with technology. Past clinical studies have shown Kate Raynes-Goldie® to be effective in the study of online social norms; semiotics; gender; philosophy; cultural studies; internet drama; analytical psychology and the media.

PRECAUTIONS: The effectiveness of Kate Raynes-Goldie® is greatly reduced when used in combination with video games; novels by insane writers; and picnics on sunny days.

DOSAGE AND ADMINISTRATION: Kate Raynes-Goldie® should be administered in the afternoon, with a cheese and tomato sandwich (with mustard and mayonaise) and a glass of mango juice. If administered in the morning, coffee should be used in lieu of a sandwich.

WARNING: Use of Kate Raynes-Goldie® with meat or meat-based products will result in death.

Full prescribing information can be found here in CV format.

Kate Raynes-Goldie
Toronto, Canada
email: katie at beefchickenpork dot org
icq: 1289416

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