Action Points Podcast Interview

action points podcast

I had a fascinating chat with Aaron Lim a few weeks back for his Action Points podcast.

Some highlights of what we talked about:

  • What the hell is a pervasive game (and do LARPs count? Probably! But according to this, which I just found, pervasive games are quite at odds with LARP culture)
  • The relationship and similarities between tabletop games and pervasive games (they actually have a lot more in common with each other than with video games — largely around the physicality of both, and the lack of disconnection between the game interface and the game itself… there’s no extradiegetic controller in your hands that you need to ignore).
  • Playtesting different kinds of games and some pro-tips for running successful playtesting events.
  • Using games for positive outcomes while still being fun (and not being gamification).

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You can also check out the fabulous show notes with links to all the games and articles we talked about.

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