The downunder Facebook invasion has begun

It has started. Last year it was all MySpace in Perth, but I’ve started overhearing conversations about Facebook on the street and seeing kids using it on the computers at school. Then this morning, while looking for info on their super gross breakfasts for a top secret project, I found out that Hungry Jack’s (the Australian name for Burger King) is advertising it’s Facebook page on its website.

It’s still not as crazy as Toronto, but my gut feeling is that it won’t ever be. The way people use the internet here and the way people socialize just isn’t as compatible with the Facebook way of doing things. I have to think about the specifics more, but I think it has a lot to do with using mobiles (Perth) over the internet on a desktop computer and having lots and of cheap internet access in every home (Toronto). And, as Alex Leitch brilliantly pointed out, Toronto is already divided up in a networky way – with a bunch of very distinct neighbourhood nodes linked together by an excellent transit system. Torontonians are already thinking in a Facebooky way.

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