Leslie Hall’s mum!

There was a rumour (on the internets!!1) that Leslie Hall‘s mother was going to be at ROFLCon. I have a theory that awesome women usually have awesome mothers, so I just had to talk to Leslie’s. I found Rena Hall at Leslie’s t-shirt booth, adding the finishing touches to the gold corn shoulderpads for that evening’s show (yes, she made the original Gold Pants too!). She agreed to do an interview with me and Luke about what it’s like to literally give birth to an internet meme but only if Leslie said yes (aww), which she did, but in exchange we had to audition for a spot she was doing for G4tv. What a rough deal. I ate a donut and did the robot dance, but that’s another story…

So without further ado: the “godmother of the internets” in me and Luke interview Rena Hall (a k4t3.org/lukewalker.org exclusive)!

PS My blog entries from day one and two of ROFLCon are up on the Spark blog, plus lots of piccies on Flickr.

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