but i don’t want to be your friend on the internet!

Fono got me playing zefranks new project, colorwars which he’s doing entirely through Twitter (which is pretty cool in itself… earlier this year I wanted to run a pervasive game through Twitter but that’s another story entirely) anyway, you have to add zefrank on Twitter to play. So I did and to my surprise:

Hi, kate raynes-goldie.

zefrank (zefrank) is now following your updates on Twitter.

Check out zefrank’s profile here:



At first I thought “!!” because usually when you add the internets famouses to your Twitter they don’t add you back. But then I remembered my Twitter is locked so he had to add me back for me to follow him, so it doesn’t actually mean anything. Interesting how we have to learn new cues and read between the lines in new contexts because of the new affordances of internet friendship. Ze is now “my friend” but I know he really isn’t because of the situation in which he added me back.

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